Barry Miller Cycling
Photo courtesy Valentin Baat Photography

Photo courtesy Valentin Baat Photography


DOB: December 5, 1988  

Height: 5’ 7” (1.70 meters)  

Weight: 125 lbs (57 kg)  

VO2Max: 82.5 (DeSales University, January 2014; Peak Centre Montreal, Augst 2016)  

Strengths: Climbing, GC 



 Lupus Racing Team UCI Continental (USA) - 2016

 Team Bliz-Merida (Sweden) - 2015  

Firefighters-Upsala CK UCI Continental Team (Sweden) - 2014  

Firefighters Cycling Team – 2013  

Pure Energy Cycling-ProAirHFA 2012  

Mike Fraysse Sports / America’s Cycling Team 2005-2011  


Career Highlights

 2006 US Junior National Champion (points race)  

8-time Junior, U23, and Elite National Championships Medalist

Winner - Mt Washington Hill Climb (2018)

Overall GC + 1 Stage + Mountains Classification - Green Mountain Stage Race (2018)

Winner – Mountains Classification - Alabama Cycling Classic – USA Cycling Pro Road Tour (2017)  

4th and Winner - Best Amateur Classification - Reading 120, USA - UCI 1.2 (2015)  

7th GC - Podlasie Tour, Poland - UCI 2.2 (2015)  

1st GC, Halmstadt Tva-Dagars - Sweden 2013    


Notable Results


2nd Cascade Cycling Classic — Stage 5

3rd Cascade Cycling Classic — Stage 2

8th Tour of the Gila - Stage 1 (Mogollon) UCI 2.2

9th Redlands Classic - Stage 3 (Oak Glen)

11th Overall GC, Tour of the Gila - UCI 2.2

11th Overall GC, Cascade Cycling Classic

12th Overall GC, Tour de Beauce - UCI 2.2

15th Overall GC, Redlands Classic


1st Mt Washington Hill Climb 

1st Overall GC - Green Mountain Stage Race

1st Stage 3 - Green Mountain Stage Race

1st Mountains Classification - Green Mountain Stage Race

4th Stage 3 - River Gorge Omnium

10th Overall GC - River Gorge Omnium


1st Mountains Classification – Alabama Cycling Classic – USA Cycling Pro Road Tour

7th overall and 2nd amateur  - Alabama Cycling Classic

3rd  Clasica dels Murs – Spain

 2nd KOM Classification  

1st Amateur (27th overall) Stage 1, Tour of the Gila – UCI 2.2  

2nd Amateur (25th overall) Stage 1, Joe Martin Stage Race – UCI 2.2    


1st Copa de Cuba – Cuba

5th Stage 1 – Vuelta Independencia – Dominican Republic, UCI 2.2  

6th Bear Mountain Spring Classic  

6th Bob Riccio Tour de Pitman 


1st Vuelta a la Marina – Spain  

Podlasie Tour - Poland, UCI 2.2:  3rd Mountains Classification  4th Stage 1 (1st Amateur)  7th Overall General Classification (1st Amateur)  

2nd Stage 2, U6 Cycle Tour - Sweden  

3rd Vastbollopet - Sweden  

3rd (1st Amateur) Tre Berg - Sweden  

4th Reading 120 - USA, UCI 1.2  Winner - Best Amateur Classification  3rd Mountains Classification  

GP Liberty Seguros - Trofeu Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina - Portugal, UCI 2.2  17th Stage 2  24th Overall General Classification

 7th (1st Amateur) Norges Cup #4 - Stjordal - Norway



2nd Rutas del Vino – Mexico  

3rd  KOM Classification, Tour of Millersburg - USA  

4th Mike Walter Trophy Madison  – USA (w/ Marc Hester)  

5th Giro di Mösseberg – Sweden  

5th Stage 3, Tour of Millersburg - USA  

8th Festival of Speed UCI Scratch Race  – USA UCI Class 1  

9th Tour of Somerville National Criterium Calendar – USA  

26th US Professional Criterium Championships



 1st GC Halmstadt Tva-Dagars – Sweden  

1st Pinellas Park Circuit Race – USA  

2nd Stage 2 – Halmstadt Tva-Dagars - Sweden  

2nd Turkey Hill Classic Road Race – USA  

3rd Rock Lititz Criterium - USA

 3rd Farmersville Road Race – USA

 3rd Great Valley Criterium - USA  

3rd Soyoco Circuit Race - USA  

4th Mike Walter Trophy Madison - USA (w/ Bobby Lea)  

4th Cherry Blossom Challenge – USA  

4th Lower Providence Criterium - USA  

6th Festival of Speed – UCI 15km Scratch Race (1st American) – UCI Class 3

6th Festival of Speed – UCI 30km Points Race – UCI Class 3

 6th Grant’s Tomb Criterium – USA  

8th Stage 3 – Tour of Jamtland - Norway/Sweden

8th Skandis GP – Sweden  

8th Stage 3 – Halmstadt Tva-Dagars - Sweden  

11th Hollywood Three-Day - Los Angeles, USA (w/ Julian Beccaglia)  

14th GC Tour of Jamtland -  Norway/Sweden  

14th Stage 1 – Tour of Jamtland – Norway/Sweden  

18th Basecamp International - USA National Criterium Calendar  21st Scandinavian Race Uppsala - Sweden UCI 1.2  



2nd Mike Walter Trophy Madison - USA (w/ Patrick Kos)

3rd Smoketown Airport Criterium - USA

4th Madison Cup - USA (w/ Z. Kovalcik)

5th Stage 5, UIV Rotterdam Six Day - Holland (w/ Collin Berry)

5th Stage 6, UIV Copenhagen Six Day - Denmark (w/ Collin Berry)

5th Pinecone Road Race - USA

6th Overall UIV Copenhagen Six Day - Denmark

6th Stage 4 – Crossroads Classic - USA

6th Stage 1, UIV Bremen Six Day - Germany (w/ Collin Berry)

6th Wrightsville Criterium - USA

7th Stage 3a Points Race, UIV Berlin Six Day- Germany

11th Tre Sere Citta di Pordenone - Italy (w/ Guy East)

12th Tour of Battenkill - USA



1st Overall Detroit International 3-Day Madison (w/ Iggy Silva)

1st Philadelphia Naval Yard Criterium

2nd Tek Park Circuit Race

3rd Mike Walter Trophy Madison (w/ Iggy Silva)

3rd Overall and 2 stages – Full Moon Vista Grand Prix

4th Superweek Stage 16 – Bay View Classic

4th Stages 2 and 3, UIV Amsterdam Six Day - Holland (w/ Ian Moir)

4th Stage 3, Tour of Ephrata (2nd amateur)

4th Smoketown Airport Criterium

5th Overall, UIV Amsterdam Six-Day - Holland (w/ Ian Moir)

5th US 10 Mile Championships

5th Luzerne Criterium

7th Overall G.C., Tour of Ephrata

9th Tour of Pitman

12th Six Days of Brabant/Tilburg - Holland (w/ Ian Moir)

12th Harlem Skyscraper Classic

13th Superweek Stage 14 – Brewers Hill Challenge

27th Stage 4, Rutas de America - Uruguay UCI 2.2

27th Iron Hill Twilight Criterium - National Race Calendar

32nd Univest Grand Prix - USA UCI 1.2


2010 Track

1st UIV Detroit International 3-Day (overall + 3 stage wins) (w/ N. Reinert)

1st Can-Am Madison Challenge, Canada

1st Bob Hansing Memorial, Encino, CA

1st Ontario Madison Championships, Canada

2nd Can-Am Challenge Scratch Final, Canada

3rd Baracuda Meeting, Points Race, Trinidad & Tobago

5th Stage 6 – U23 Zurich 6-Day, Switzerland

5th Madison Cup, Trexlertown, PA

5th International Easter Grand Prix – 20km scratch race – Trinidad & Tobago

6th Mike Walter Trophy Madison, Trexlertown, PA

6th International Easter Grand Prix – 15km points race – Trinidad & Tobago

9th U23 Zurich 6-Day (overall), Switzerland

11th (3rd U23) USA Elite National Championships – Scratch Race, Los Angeles, CA

12th International Tour de Toona




1st Overall, Forest City 2-Day Madison, Canada

1st Detroit 6 Day – Stages 3 and 4

3rd Detroit 6 Day – Final Classification

8th Overall, 3 Jours d’Aigle - Switzerland (UCI Class 1)

9th Madison Cup – Trexlertown, USA


1st Apple Festival Road Race

1st Corning Circuit Race

1st Plainville Criterium

1st Augusta Circuit Race

1st Sussex Criterium

1st Rockleigh Criterium

2nd Ris van Bethel Criterium

3rd Trofeo CCE de Evesham

3rd Barbour DeTour Road Race

6th Yuasa Battery Criterium

8th JBN Criterium

8th Circuit Francis J. Clarke



1st Trexlertown Scratch Race

6th Overall, UIV Detroit International 3-Day Madison

8th Fastest Man on Wheels – Professional Madison, Trexlertown, PA (UCI)

9th Festival of Speed – Professional Scratch Race (UCI)




2nd International Easter Grand Prix – scratch race (Trinidad &Tobago)

3rd U23 National Championships – Individual Pursuit

4th Beacon West Indies vs. The World International Madison (Trinidad & Tobago)

5th International Easter Grand Prix 20 km Points Race

6th Overall, Madison of the Americas – Professional Madison Omnium, Trexlertown, PA

9th UCI Air Products Finals Professional Points Race (UCI IM1)

9th UCI Fastest Man on Wheels – Professional Madison (UCI IM1)

9th North American Omnium Championships

10th UCI Festival of Speed – Professional Madison (UCI IM1)


1st Lake Marcia Road Race

2nd Augusta Circuit Race (1st amateur)

10th Mar del Plata GP (Argentina)

11th Commerce Bank Lancaster Classic (U23 classification)



1st United States Junior National Championships – Points Race

2nd US Junior National Championships – Team Pursuit

2nd US Junior National Championships – Olympic Sprint

5th US Elite National Championships – Team Pursuit

5th US Junior National Championships – Madison

5th US Junior National Championships – Individual Pursuit

6th US Junior National Championships – Kilometer Time Trial

8th UCI Fastest Man on Wheels, Trexlertown, PA UCI CL1

8th Tandemonium Professional Racing Series, Trexlertown, PA

12th UCI Junior Pan-Am Championships – Points Race (Venezuela) UCI Continental Championships